Increasing numbers of Landlords are receiving letters from the Operator or their agent about the installation on their land or property, informing them that unless they agree to a reduction in their rent and/or a change in the terms of their agreement, they will exercise their right to terminate the agreement and they will lose it all. This is a common tactic and it is essential that you contact us immediately to obtain professional advice.

Amsy Chartered Surveyors will examine the case and offer you professional advice on how to proceed. If necessary we can negotiate on your behalf to maintain the highest possible rent.  

Remember: Do not sign anything without specialist guidance! Contact the Telecoms Specialists NOW!

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Have you got a MOBILE PHONE MAST or ANTENNAS on your property? Have you been approached by a MOBILE PHONE COMPANY wishing to INSTALL a mast or antennas? If so call The Telecommunications specialists NOW to ensure that you receive the best deal!

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