Site Access Management

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Site Access Management

Your lease with the mobile phone operator should regulate when and how the Operator has rights to access your property, however, in actuality, things get more complicated.

The Operators tend to use multiple subcontractors and/or agents, and just ascertaining whom the various companies requesting access are can be time-consuming.

Additionally, determining if the access request is valid is often complicated. Each Access-Request is different, depending on the terms in your lease, and the details of the particular Request. Just because you are told by the Operator or their agents that they are permitted to access the site doesn’t necessarily mean that is the case.

Furthermore, assuming the access request is valid, certain factors may require the Operator to compensate you for your approval.

For most property owners, having a mast on their property is supposed to be an easy and consistent stream of passive income, yet just Site Access Requests can quickly turn a seemingly effortless asset into a nightmare. This is especially relevant when you are a property owner with more than one property and/or Operator in occupation.

We offer management solutions custom-built to your requirements. All of your access requests are redirected to our offices, where we evaluate their validity and make a decision on whether they have rights to do so or not. If the lease does indeed allow them access, we will facilitate their request. If you are entitled to compensation for allowing access, we will make the Operator aware of this, and ensure they pay up.

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Site Access Management
Site Access Management
Site Access Management

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