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Electricity recovery

Is the Operator connected into your electricity supply?

Do you know where the Operator is taking their electricity supply from? If they have connected into your supply, they should be paying.

Every telecoms installation needs to be connected to a power supply. Usually, they will have their own direct supply from the Regional Electricity Company (REC). However, often they will connect into the Landlord’s supply. The Operator’s lease agreement should specify if they have a right to connect into the Landlord’s supply.

When this happened, they should have installed a sub-meter (also called a check-meter) and made arrangements to pay for the electricity consumed.

It is not uncommon though for this to be overlooked or for a connection to be taken without the rights in the lease agreement.

Often electricity has not been paid for a number of years, especially when the Landlord is not aware of the connection, which can happen when the property was purchased with the installation in-situ.

We can assist identifying where the Operator is taking their supply from and then if it is identified that they are using your supply, we can recover the unpaid electricity for you.

We have helped countless landlords recover tens of thousands of pounds in unpaid electricity – get in touch now for a free review.

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