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site access management

If you are finding access difficult to manage, call us no and let us take all the hassle away.

site access management

Access Issues Can Be a Headache

Has a mobile phone company reached out to you seeking to install a mast or antenna on your property, or do you already have telecoms equipment on your property and are finding it difficult to manage the access requests you are receiving?

Your mobile phone lease should define the access procedure for your property. However, the reality is things are often more complicated.

The Operators use various contractors/sub-contractors and agents, simply ascertaining who the various companies requesting access is time consuming.

Additionally, without telecoms experience, determining if the access request is valid can be difficult. Each access request is unique and needs to be reviewed in conjunction with your lease.  Just because you are being told that the access and works are permitted, it does not necessarily mean they are.

Furthermore, assuming that the access request is valid and dependant on the terms of your lease, you may be due payment for your time to approve the request.  For most property owners, having a mast on their property is supposed to be an easy and consistent stream of income. Unfortunately, the management of ever-increasing site access requests, can quickly turn a seemingly effortless asset into a nightmare.  This is especially relevant when you are a property owner with more than one property or Operator in occupancy.

We offer management solutions custom-built to your requirements. All of your access requests are redirected to our offices, where we evaluate their validity and make a decision on whether they have rights to do so or not. If the lease does indeed allow them access, we will facilitate their request. If you are entitled to compensation for allowing access, we will make the Operator aware of this, and ensure they pay up.

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Dovid specialises in negotiating lease capitalisation agreements, rent reviews, managing site access and removing telecoms operators from sites. He has over 27 years experience negotiating with telecoms operators and is waiting to speak with you. Call now to discuss your situation, free of charge.



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