phone mast site audits

If you are unsure what is on site, call us today and let us find out.

phone mast site audits

telecoms lease breach

What Exactly is on Your Property?

Do you know what equipment is on site and whether the lease permits it? If they have exceeded their rights, you could be due a significant amount of money.

Over the years, Operators can visit site many times, carrying out work as and when required. But as the landlord, its not always easy to keep track of what equipment is on site, especially when you dont know an antenna from a Remote Radio Unit.

Operators can take advantage of this and often exceed the amount of equipment they are permitted under their lease. But how can you find out?

We can arrange for an expert surveyor to visit site and identify every piece of equipment on site. We can then compare this against the lease to see if they have exceeded their rights.

If so, we can often recover a significant amount of money, ensuring you are fully compensated.

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Dovid Pink


Dovid specialises in negotiating lease capitalisation agreements, rent reviews, managing site access and removing telecoms operators from sites. He has over 27 years experience negotiating with telecoms operators and is waiting to speak with you. Call now to discuss your situation, free of charge.



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RICS Valuer


27 years of telecoms experience


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