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Telecoms lease capitalisation

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Telecoms lease capitalisation

Why swap your phone mast rent for a lump sum?

Have you been approached about 'selling' your phone mast? Did you know you can swap your rent for a large lump sum?

The legal landscape of telecom leases has changed. With the introduction of 5G and the introduction of the new Electronic Communications Code, once-lucrative telecom leases are now turning more and more into a hassle.

Mobile phone companies are enjoying increasingly expanding rights. Rights to impede on your property whenever they choose. Rights to renegotiate terms to their interest. And even if you’re still enjoying the income guaranteed under your old lease, you can’t help but notice that the expiration date on that lease is drawing closer.

And you’re wondering: is there really nothing that can be done to change things?

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Dovid Pink


Dovid specialises in negotiating lease capitalisation agreements, rent reviews, managing site access and removing telecoms operators from sites. He has over 27 years experience negotiating with telecoms operators and is waiting to speak with you. Call now to discuss your situation, free of charge.



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