Phone mast lease renewals s

phone mast lease renewals

Before you sign any agreement—before you say yes to anything—get in touch with us. We never charge for an initial consultation.

phone mast lease renewals

Renewing Your Phone Mast Agreement

If your old lease expired, or is about to expire, you might just be discovering that something has changed—and not for the better. We can help you with your phone mast lease renewal.

Perhaps your tenant reached out to you, offering drastically new terms and lower rents than those you’d agreed to in your old lease. Or perhaps they haven’t reached out to you yet, and you’re wondering if now would be a good time to renegotiate your terms.

Whether or not your tenant has reached out to you yet regarding renewing your lease, it is imperative that you seek specialist telecom surveyor advice before taking any steps to renew it. The legislation governing telecommunication leases has vastly changed in the past few years, and mobile network operators now enjoy far stronger rights than they did in the past.

With our decades of specialist experience, we can help advise you of the correct steps to take, which terms to agree to, and how to best negotiate a lease renewal to your benefit.

So whether your tenant is asking you to sign a new lease or whether you’re thinking of contacting them to renew the lease yourself—don’t. Contact us first.

We can help.

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Gemma Wright


Gemma specialises in lease renewals, new lettings and the Electronic Communications Code. She has over 10 years experience negotiating telecoms agreements and is waiting to speak with you. Call now to discuss your situation, free of charge.



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