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Removing a phone mast

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Removing a phone mast

Removing a Phone Mast From Your Property

Have you got redevelopment plans and need help removing a phone mast? Confused about your rights to terminate your lease, or how to go about doing so?

It is rare that a telecoms mast will be placed on a plot of land which has no other existing or potential use. For example, you might have residential tenants in the building with the mast on top, or the antennas may be sited in an area that you would like to expand your premises into. Many telecoms landlords find that it is near impossible to remove an Operator from their property. Despite countless phone calls, emails and assurances, months can turn into years and no progress has been made. We appreciate that redevelopments are worth a lot of money. Delays can cause more than just logistical headaches, they can cost you too. Also, if not handled correctly, terminating a lease with a mobile operator may place you into ‘new Code’ territory. That is how Amsy Chartered Surveyors can help. We utilise the diverse experiences of our specialist Surveyors to help guide you through the process, from start to finish. Once you have instructed Amsy, you can be as involved as you like. We can hold your hand, step-by-step, or we can manage the entire project, through legals, until the desired result is achieved. You lead us.

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Dovid specialises in negotiating lease capitalisation agreements and removing telecoms operators from sites. He has over 27 years experience negotiating with phone mast operators and is waiting to speak with you. Call now to discuss your situation, free of charge.



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