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Wayleaves agreements

Allowing third party cabling across your land

Your lease doesn’t protect you from everything. When it comes to the mast’s fibre connection, there is no lease protecting your rights from the extensive powers afforded to the third parties installing the connection. So find out how we can protect your rights, time, and money through a Wayleaves agreement here.

There’s more to a telecoms network than just installing a mast.

The mobile phone operator renting your property also has to connect the masts on your property with all the others. Today, this is increasingly taking place through fibre connection—which is installed by third parties like Openreach, Virgin Media, and City Fibre. And that lease you painstakingly crafted between you and the mobile operator—does that lease protect your interests and ensure your needs are met?

It doesn’t regulate relationships with third parties. And that’s a problem. The new Electronic Communications Code affords Code Powers to these third partiesextensive rights similar to those enjoyed by mobile phone operators.

So what’s protecting your rights? Hidden in your lease—and it’s not always in the same place or written in the same words for everybody—is a clause that stipulates that a landlord can create a Wayleaves between any third party the operator uses. What’s a Wayleaves? In short, it’s a mini lease between you and the third party—spelling out what they can do, what they can’t, and how your interests are to be protected throughout the process.

With thirty years’ experience in the field, we can tailor a custom Wayleaves for you—both making sure your interests are protected and also minimizing the time you’d otherwise waste having to deal with these third parties on your own.

And here’s the best part: because Wayleaves are an essential aspect of mast installations, we can almost always get the operator to cover our fees for you. So call us today to fins out how we can help you.

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