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Rent Reviews

Here’s something you might not have noticed: your phone mast lease may contain a provision for the rent to be reviewed and potentially raised, allowing you to earn more for renting your property to a telecoms company.

Of course, calculating how much to raise phone mast rent by is rather complicated. Your lease may stipulate that one of various review mechanisms be used to review the rent, or it may allow you to choose between two mechanisms; which you choose can yield a more favourable result than another. It takes considerable expertise and experience to calculate the different ways, measure which one to use for the best result and lay out a convincing argument that your lease should be raised to match that amount.

That’s where we come in. Our 30 years of experience and expertise, together with our extensive database of comparable evidence, allows us to ensure you receive the rent you deserve—always.

We have helped countless landlords realize the true value of their lease. For many of them, the date of the Rent Review had already passed, but we were able to use our considerable experience to carry out the Review and recover backdated rent.

That said, the sooner you act, the more likely your chance of success. Market rent has been in a steady decline the past few years, and the longer you wait to review your rent, the more likely the chance that the decline will affect you. In addition, some leases do contain deadlines that cannot be worked around.

So don’t wait. Contact us today for a free phone mast rental estimate and quotation.

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Rent Reviews
Rent Reviews
Rent Reviews

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